My girlfriend bought me a book in which to write book reviews which was jolly nice of her.

Well, each review in the book gets just one small page – one page in which to try to fence in all thoughts on what has just been read. But one page is a rather manageable length for both reviewer and reader. Especially to write/read in one comfy sitting. A good length. Almost, well… blog-length.

I know what you’re thinking straight away. For some books, this may be easy. ‘What about The Lovely Bones?’, I hear you ask. ‘There are only two words suitable to describe it, and you can’t just blog the words “unfathomably shit”‘. For other work – say Ulysses, or In Search of Lost Time – it may be rather tricky.

But I figured it a worthy endeavour to post them online, anyway. My meandering thoughts on some of the greatest, most popular and most important books ever written.


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