About me

I write. Poorly, sporadically, with feckless abandon – yes. But writing is like brushing my teeth. I need its cooling tang of Helvetica 12 pt, the way it picks from my mind the jammed-in words, like the bristles of the brush dislodging left-in lunch. I need it like mouthwash. I need my prose to be shiny, to squeak clean like my teeth. But, alas, I write sixty words (to no one) about how writing is like brushing my teeth, and you would be forgiven for not taking me seriously.

I’m currently deputy tablet editor at The Times, working on all sorts. I am also undertaking a PhD on the history of punk’s material culture in transnational contexts.

I authored a research paper on student loans for the brilliant Intergenerational Foundation, comparing the rate of repayment for graduates in England and Wales to their colleagues in the OECD. That’s here.

I write music reviews and have done for BBM Live, New Reviews and others. I like this for many reasons – mostly because I get to rate things out of five, which would make life inordinately more enjoyable if adopted everywhere. After each sentence. I’m the former Political Editor of Newturn Magazine, which let me wax cynical on a great many things [5/5]. I like to blog too. A music blog I wrote for the Phonograph was featured on Guardian Music [5/5]. I’ve written for the New Statesman, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times and more [5/5]. I had a letter published in the New Statesman a few months ago that let me patronise Stuart Maconie. This made me enormously happy [6/5].

I edit scripts for films, as well as doing a bit of freelance press release work and the like. I write short reviews of classic books but update this infrequently, being both wildly busy and wonderfully successful. I play guitar and sing, playing shows around London and the Westcountry, being utterly brilliant, for the most part. I sometimes teach people to play guitar, though quite what they learn is beyond me. Some of them have gone on to be more accomplished guitarists than me. This is displeasing [1/5]. And in my spare time, I write here.

Say hello.