I’m currently undertaking a PhD at UCL (under the supervision of Bernhard Rieger) which is provisionally entitled: ‘Material culture, consumption and ideas in Anglo-American punk rock, 1970-1990.’

I took my undergraduate BA in history at Queen Mary, University of London before moving to UCL for the MA and MPhil/PhD.

I have broad research interests in modern intellectual history, political thought, subcultures, materials and the history of thought in Britain and the United States since about 1776.

My research explores the transnational history of punk as it moved in a variety of ways between the United States and Britain in the 1970s and 1980s. I focus in particular on material culture, tracing the value and meaning given by punks to the objects they created and used, and the ways in which materials helped to shape intellectual identities, consumer desires, fashion styles and aesthetics of protest.

Despite being one of the most significant subcultures in modern history, punk has rarely been understood as a transnational movement of ideas, materials, markets and people. As such, my work analyses how conceptual histories and material histories intersect and react to each other in dynamic geographic and temporal spaces.